Competition Terms and Conditions

Event Date

The anticipated Event Start Date the last week of July 2022. The Event Date is dictated by the weather conditions on the route. If for any reason the event cannot take place during that week due to weather or mechanical issues it will take place as soon as possible after that date.

Competition and donations to Great Ormand Street Hospital

The competition is a game of skill and costs £10 to enter.

All funds are collected online directly by ShieldPay and will be remitted to Great Ormond Street Hospital charity.

Whilst the Event Date is variable refunds are not permitted.

How to enter

Entries can only be made on the website. 

To enter follow the instructions on the website, estimate the time for the London to Monaco passage and provide your contact details. Multiple entries are allowed per person on payment of multiple Entry Fees.

Entries are only allowed up until one hour before departare from London

All competition fees are processed for 54 Knots Limited by Shield Pay and funds are held in escrow until the winner is announced.

Weather or mechanical incident during event – standby time calculation

If for any reason the event has to be aborted due to bad weather or mechanical reasons the distance travelled together with the speed to that point will be used to calculate the average speed per nautical mile and multiplied by the full course distance. This will produce a calculated route time and will be used to select the winning entry time to find the prize winner.


The prize is a return flight tto Monaco for 2 from a European airport, 2 nights in a hotel and a voyage  on Thunder Child II. The date for this has not been fixed and will be weather dependent.

Event Start and finish points

The start point is Tower Bridge, London.

The finish point line is Port Hercule, Monte Carlo

The Prize Winners

First prize – is given to the person with the closet time to the completion of the course London to Monaco. In the event of more than one person selecting the correct time, the final winner will be selected by a random draw. The winner will be contacted by Email and phone within a week of the official passage time being announced.  All reasonable efforts will be made to contact the winners.  If no reply is obtained by email, phone and text attempts within one week the prize will be given to the person with the next closest time, or redrawn in the event of people having multiple winning times.

Please note that prize winners must be physically fit with no spinal issues and aged over 16 years of age. During the voyage they will be required to wear life jackets and marine helmets which will be supplied on board. During the voyage they will be required to stay seated in the aft shox seats and will not be allowed to leave the enclosed cockpit. A detailed safety briefing will be given before departure from the marina.

Alcohol and smoking is prohibited on Thunder Child II and the captain reserves the right to deny boarding to anyone who appears intoxicated.

Prior to the voyage all prize winners are required to provide full contact details to the 54 Knots team organisers.

Please also consider joining the Thunder Child II club to hear about our progress on this event and other events that we are planning.