Our latest challenge

ThunderChild II and the 54Knots team attempted Seven UIM Offshore Class Long Distance World Record Endurance voyages covering 4000 nautical miles over 17 days and achieved 5 provisional UIM records in 14 days, a world record in itself.

Supported by the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM.sport), the Federation Monegasque Motonautique, the Malta Powerboat Federation and the UK OCRDA and BPBA, endurance powerboat racing is a test of man and machine over significant long distances. The timing starts when the boat crosses the start line and finishes when they pass the finish line with no time allowances for fuel stops or mechanical or weather challenges.

The 54Knots team use their record attempts to collect vital data for work on developing seawater-based fuel cell systems. Sea water forced through a fuel cell delivers electricity, meaning that the oceans could be a carbon-zero source of marine fuel. In addition to this vital Research and Development the team also raise money for a variety of charities, which have included Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

THE BIG ONE... and the first time this has ever been attempted -
Races Five, Six and Seven will run concurrently

Races Five, Six and Seven

On the 20th June at 05:00am CET ThunderChild II with its crew of five will be leaving Malta and heading via Sardinia, Palma and to Gibraltar and then on to London via Sines, La Coruna and Guernsey. This multiple UIM world record attempt has never been tried before and the last 4 record attempts have been our build up sequences.

During this 2400 mile passage which is non-stop bar fuelling stops, the 54knots team is aiming to attempt three separate records, the first, the passage from Malta to Gibraltar, the overall journey from Malta to London, and finally the passage from Gibraltar to London.

The aim is to arrive in London on Friday 23rd June 2023, and if we achive this we will have attempted 7 UIM world records in just 14 days, a record in itself!

Race 5 COMPLETED in 38 hours, 39 minutes and 24 seconds

A DAB (Damn and Blast) moment then halfway across the Bay of Biscay as the starboard inner propellor sheared off at 42 knots… so our speed dropped to a crawl at 12 knots…

Race 6 and & were then abandoned, as we headed back to Jersey for repairs.

Now awaiting feedback from UIM on our 5 Record attempts

Race Four

Conditions permitting we will also try to set a fourth record circumnavigating Malta, Gozo and Comino. With a top speed of 54knots (101 kph) and a range of 750 nautical miles, over the combined 4000 mile distance, stopwatches will be ready! ThunderChild II will be moored at the Grand Excelsior Marina in Malta during its stay.


Race time of
1 hr 16 mins, 16 secs

Race Three

After arriving in Malta, ThunderChild II will attempt to set a new record around Malta record, its third race, for its +50Ft class,


Race time of
55 mins, 17 secs

Race Two

On the 12th June the team left Monaco for Malta for race two, and arrived in Malta on the 13th June.

Click here to view Transport Malta's 'Not_22_of_2023.pdf' directorate.


Race time of
18 hrs, 52 mins (awaiting ratification)

Race One

Holders of multiple World Records, ThunderChild II arrived in Monaco on the 9th June and moored at the Yacht Club de Monaco. ThunderChild II left Monaco on the 9th June for race one to circumnavigate Corsica and Sardinia before returning to Monaco on the 10th June.


Official recorded race time of
21 hrs, 42 mins, 2.99 secs

All the sectors are UIM Offshore Class Long Distance routes. ThunderChild II competes in the over 50ft category. More information can be found on uim.sport

Who we support

ThunderChild II and the 54Knots team are supporting a fundraising event this weekend at the Excelsior Hotel in Valletta, the capital of Malta, supporting the Community Chest Fund, see https://www.mccff.org.mt/

The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation supports individuals and entities to improve the health, quality of life and well being of people in their time of need.

ThunderChild II will be on display in the Marina and visitors will be able to donate to the charity in exchange for a chance to win a ride on ThunderChild II after its two UIM world record attempts on Monday 18th.


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